Kindergarten excitement!

Koma was so excited to choose her backpack and lunch bag for kindergarten! She debated among several choices and finally settled on a pretty polka set. She missed the birthday cutoff by 6 days so she tested in a few months ago. We deliberated at length but her strong desire to start school and her keen mind encouraged us to let her begin this year.

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Outdoor musical

Every summer, our local outdoor venue performs a musical. This year Little Mermaid starred on the stage and we thoroughly enjoyed the amazing vocalists and story.

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Golfer girl

Summer wouldn’t be summer without golf lessons. Unni enjoyed her summer session of lessons and even made the newspaper in a group photo!

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Botanical gardens music festival

Apparently they have concerts Monday through Thursday evenings. We enjoyed a samba-type of music and dance along with a picnic supper. The girls wandered through the beautiful gardens and snapped lots and lots of photos.

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Discovery World, Milwaukee

One morning we drove to Milwaukee and spent the entire day at Discovery World. The girls loved exploring all the science exhibits and found the interactive displays very engaging. They learned about viruses, water mechanics, the Great Lakes, physics of sound, robotics, the Morse Code, gravity, gears, levers, pulleys, boats, etc. In one very neat area, Unni even flew an airplane via flight simulator. She maneuvered the plane quite well and landed without incident. The girls played tic tac toe against a robot that would dance a little happy dance when it won. All told, we were highly impressed with what this museum offered.

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Chicago week

While Dad flew out for a conference for a few days, the girls decided to spend a week in the windy city. We traipsed downtown via the train, splashed at Millennium Park, climbed and explored the new Maggie Daley Park, ate ice cream at steeply discounted price in honor of National Ice Cream Day at Fannie May, walked past a LONG line at the new Nutella store, browsed around the American Girl Doll Store, swam at a pool, golfed at a course and soaked up our time with Halabuji and Halmoni as much as possible.

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Food, glorious food

Dad seems to like to take these kind of food photos. Here’s a sampling of this summer’s eats. He once made chicken feet (instead of fingers) for the girls, and grilled up some pork chops. Another time he combined the leftover lasagna and deep dish pizza into a high-flying sampler. Not to mention that for the first time ever in 7 years of existence, a young lady tasted Taco Bell (although it was difficult to figure out who was happier!).

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Bedroom transformation

Unni worked very hard to stop biting her fingernails. She finally did it! So Dad and Mom kept their promise to paint her bedroom. She chose a lovely shade of “Potentially Purple” and helped to paint as well. She chose her bedroom duvet set online and the match was almost perfect! The IKEA find of an awesome pair of lamps perfectly accented the bedroom remodel. The girls spent one fun night in Unni’s bed which was relocated to the living room for painting purposes.20170703_154624 20170703_143352 20170704_080414 20170704_080425 20170704_080426 20170704_080446 20170704_103104edited
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