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Symphony night

Mom and Unni dressed up and hit the city!  Unni’s violin teacher plays with the symphony orchestra and kindly offered us tickets.  Our seats were great — front row and center of the lower balcony.  No heads to peer around, no neck turning to actually see the orchestra, and best of all… excellent people watching from our seats.  The featured violinist was ahhhmazing!  She literally danced with her violin as she made it sing and throw notes. We were in awe. Everyone around us was in awe.  The orchestra playing around her was in awe.  Even the conductor was in awe.  At the intermission we found our beloved teacher and said a quick hi before heading home.  The late night became even later with a treat of ice cream!




Mom turns 24! (wink, wink)

IMG_0801 IMG_0802 IMG_0807

We enjoyed lunch with Grandma at our downtown deli. Our original plan of yesterday’s special Jimmy Johns $1 subs went out the window when we drove by the parking lot and saw the line wayyyy out the door.


After picking up Daddy from work, we ate supper at one of our favorite places, a Lebanese restaurant. The perfect evening beckoned us outside.


Then back home for cake (thankfully it wasn’t a big one!). Then my sister-in-law dropped of these macaroons from a local French bakery. Almost (almost) too pretty to eat!

And I ended too busy to stop for my free drink at Caribou, but my awesome husband made sure I got a cup anyway. A truly happy birthday…… Thanks for all the well wishes, everyone.