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Conversations in the car

Fortunately, we have recorded a few of the girls’ conversations and singing, too.  Unfortunately, we can’t always record all of them. Yesterday’s discussion was particularly funny and I wasn’t able to record it.  I was driving to the gym and the girls started having a conversation about Koma’s husband.  Some kids have an imaginary friend; Koma has an imaginary husband.  We don’t know too much about him. Sometimes he’s “sooo nice,” sometimes he’s not.  One thing for sure is that he lives “far, far away” because Koma has told us that many times when we ask where he is.   Anyway, the conversation went like this:

Koma: “My husband is taking care of Chiffon.”  (Chiffon is an imaginary dog, named like the dog in Strawberry Shortcake stories.)

Unni: “Why is he taking of Chiffon? I thought it was your dog.”

Koma: “Because I’m so busy. But, my husband is too.  He works at the tire store. He fixes tires.”

Mom: “Wow, he does a lot of different things for work.” (every time it’s something different!)

Koma: “Yeah, he’s not going to work there anymore, though.  He’s starting a new project.”

Mom: “It’s good he can take care of Chiffon, too.”

Koma: “Yeah, that’s because his chart says he has to.” (Girls have charts where they put stickers on daily items they need to complete).

Unni: “But why is it his job to do that? And why doesn’t your husband live with you, anyway?”

Koma: “Oh, he lives somewhere close, like North Carolina.”

Unni: “Wait, but are you married to your husband?”

Koma: “Um, yeah.”

Unni: “Then you’re supposed to live with him. In the same house.”

Koma: “I know.  But he’s far, far away. And I don’t really miss him.”

Mom: “Do you talk to him?”

Koma: “Um, sometimes. But sometimes he goes to the gym.”


Fat lip girl



Our last day, er rather, last hour at the beach Koma tripped over a concrete parking block and bloodied her lip pretty bad. She was bleeding in the mouth so much I was afraid she might have lost some teeth but she actually just bit her lip.  Fortunately the mouth heals quick too, so she was fairly happy after 10 minutes or so. The swelling was huge and not well-captured in the various photos I tried to take later.  For the entire night, I heard that thud of her hitting the ground.  Mom-guilt!

Favorite game

Koma loves, loves, LOVES to pull things out of (fill in the blank) and find ways to stack, hide or play with them.  One morning after wandering out from her room with blankie in tow, she promptly opened the cabinet door and started setting a picnic on her blanket.



Pretend nap


And… after a REAL LONG nap….



And… what happens when sisters sleep together….


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