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Android App for learning Hangul

I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve been using a finger-tracing Hangul app to supplement my Rosetta Stone regimen. That app is fun for adults or kids (as seen below)!

Hangul Android App

This week I’ve been working my way through a new app called TenguGo Hangul. I really like this app! In fact, it’s probably a good example of how adults actually have some advantages over children when it comes to learning language. Not only does the app give a brief history of Hangul, it also explains helpful concepts like the relationship between letter shapes and pronunciation. 

Korean language android app

I’ve been confused by the different pronunciations presented by different apps and/or alphabet charts found online. For the same letter, some charts show a p sound where others show a b sound. Another letter is alternately described as t or d. TenguGo helps explain this. Also, it’s very difficult to distinguish between the “e” and “ae” sounds. It turns out it’s not just my ear, as seen in the screenshot below. I find these kinds of details very helpful, and would recommend this app to anyone trying to learn Korean.

Hangul Android Korean Alphabet App