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Montreal Part VI (Mont Royal, La Fontaine, and Poutine)

Since Montreal is named for it’s central Mount Royal, we deemed it necessary to visit this park.  We loaded up on bagels, then drove up to the top of the mountain, while being amazed at the number of bike commuters in the city. Surprisingly, we discovered that most of the mountain’s top is made up of cemeteries. At the mountain, the girls danced around and Unni even challenged Halabuji to a foot race. Afterward, we drove over to La Fontaine Park where we saw some cute little ducklings.  For lunch, we chose to dine at the famous and popular 24 hour La Banquise restaurant to eat poutine which is Quebec’s well-known dish — a combo of french fries, cheese curds and sauce/gravy. How can you go wrong with any of those foods, right?

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Desperation Parenting – Too much junk food

You know you’re a desperate (or sleep deprived, or, insert frazzled parent description here) when you start bribing your children with junk food. No, not junk food. JUNK food.

Today, Unni was eating breakfast. This consists of one bite of food, then several trips to the refrigerator, the play room, the living room, or, if we’re lucky, the bathroom. Then another bite.

During one of these distracted forays (somewhat legitimate, Koma woke up so we all had to go say good morning!) there was a small piece of fuzz on the floor. Since Unni feels like a big girl when we ask her to throw stuff away, I asked her to go throw it away. She headed to the kitchen. The next thing I know, she is holding the item shown below – a chocolate covered raisins container, with about six of what appears to be 1/8 raisin parts, each covered in chocolate.


“We can’t throw this away,” she says, “there are still good raisins in here.” I was a little befuddled. Until I realized she had pulled this container out of the trash*! Instinctively, I said “you can’t eat those until you’ve finished your breakfast.” And mom backed me up (probably just an instinctive, self preservation move on her part, too).

So here we are, not only bribing, but bribing with junk food** in the most literal sense!

*today was trash day, so trash was “fresh” and no large chunks of rotting food or other debris was immediately observed on container

**to avoid sounding overly pious, we do regularly bribe or “set goals” using treats – but this takes it to a new level!

Fusion Fail

Do not try this at home.

Korean American Fusion Food

Actually it was ok, but just that. I even tried adding a little cheese, but that didn’t really solve the sweet+sweet problem.