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New Year Daze Part III

The girls hung out with their cousins on New Years Day as well as other family.  They really had fun opening presents, posing in their new dresses, bowing (well, maybe receiving the money part!), and figuring out how to rig some ball shower contraption with baskets and rope.

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New Year Daze Part II

The next day, we checked out the Winter Wonderland train display at the Botanical Garden, which was quite amazing.  The miniature sculptures of various Chicago landmarks with trains running through and around them was amazing.  The girls liked the real but fake snow that fell from the ceiling, and also the bingo game in which they looked for various items and marked with a sticker.  They also tried out some crafts and played with fake snow in the basin.  I also touched that fake snow (apparently a polymer) and was amazed that it felt so cold.

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New Year Daze Part I

We spent several days with Mom’s family also.  On a frigid Sunday afternoon, we drove down to Mom’s college campus and jumped on the rocks along the lake.  The girls absolutely loved it, especially Koma.  The hot cocoa and coffee at the end of our trip certainly helped warm us all up.

IMG_5732 IMG_5739


IMG_5742 IMG_5743 IMG_5744 IMG_5748 IMG_5752 IMG_5757 IMG_5759 IMG_5764 IMG_5765 IMG_5774 IMG_5777

Holidaze Part I

We spent several days with Dad’s family. First we went to Dad’s sister’s house for a couple nights then headed down to Grandpa’s and Grandma’s for the rest of the week.  Cousins happily played with each other, sharing toys, games and laughter.  They pushed around the shopping cart, built lego buildings, walked up on the hill, found a woodpecker nest, jumped for hours on the trampoline, cut out and decorated cookies.  Of course, they also ripped open gifts and delighted in their individual presents.


First fire of the season

We spent the rainy and cold Saturday morning attending a magnet school fair.  I’m incredulous that our little baby is ready to start kindergarten in the fall, and honestly… a little sad.  Where did the time go? We then enjoyed lunch with some ladies from our meeting.  That evening, Dad suggested a fire which excited the girls.  They sat in front of the roaring fire with hot cocoa (ok, lukewarm cocoa) before bed.

IMG_5251 IMG_5253 IMG_5256 IMG_5260

Happy costume day!

The girls dressed up in the morning to attend story time with some friends.  Afterward, we all traipsed over to IHOP for their free scary face pancake for kids.  Later in the evening, we joined in on the annual trick-or-treating get together with our friends.  The girls wanted different costumes for the evening, so Unni changed from Anna to Ladybug Girl (one of her favorite story characters) and Koma changed from Minnie Mouse to Nemo.  They definitely collected enough candy to last awhile.

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