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Dad’s early birthday party

The girls have been waiting for MONTHS now to blow out candles with Daddy so they eagerly sat on his lap to share the honor.  Happy birthday!  May your new year bring lots of wishes come true…

IMG_5305 IMG_5311 IMG_5313

Ice bucket challenge preview

A strange yet amazing phenomenon has swept the nation and beyond.  People are challenged to dump a bucket of ice water over the head and donate to a particular charity, and even caught up with us in our little corner of the world.  We can’t upload the video of the actual bucket dumping but here are a few photos of practice run at the splash ground just prior to the challenge.

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Saturday with Daddy

Unni spent a full day with Daddy this past weekend.  They started out at Home Depot’s kids workshop and pounded together a cool wooden race car.  The kit came complete with a work apron and commemorative pin.  She was really excited about this project!


Then, she and Dad met up with Koma and Mommy at Whole Foods, where we ate their Superbowl Weekend Special of chicken wings.  Yummy!

2014-02-02 15.10.23

Afterward Unni and Dad walked in the forest for a few minutes, and finally ended up at Daddy’s office where he caught up on some work.  Unni caught up on Sid the Science Kid for awhile, but also helped Dad a little.

2014-02-01 12.48.20

Background on Dad – Part 1

Unlike Mom, my family roots in the US are more distant. The most identifiable culture is Swiss-German, which stems from my ancestor’s emigration from Switzerland in the 1820’s. They were Swiss Mennonites, a group that had been subject to persecution in Switzerland. As part of a westward surge of settlers, they homesteaded, building a log cabin, and later two farm houses ($1800-3600).

Those immigrants were my great-great-great grandparents. My immediate family has held on to a few small customs like sauerkraut and pork on New Year’s. I have childhood (and later) memories of the annual Swiss Festival, full of yodeling and accordian music. And I remember my mom and great-aunt playing accordians.