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Happy BIGGGGG Birthday, Dad!!

Girls helped to bake a cake before Dad returned from his out-of-town week. They also created all the decorations, with the help of Mom’s breath for filling balloons. Unni even learned how to play the birthday song on the piano! They loved picking out his presents, and were especially excited for his new set of golf clubs!20171215_164045 20171216_085731 20171216_090108 20171216_090340 20171216_090555 20171216_090611 20171216_091737 20171216_091948 20171216_105903 20171216_130851

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Gingerbread Houses

We attended a gingerbread house fundraiser at our local middle school with some friends. It was organized quite well with empty, unused, unopened milk cartons glued to the cardboard discs. The children then selected candy decorations and used icing as glue to create pretty houses.

20171211_180842 20171211_181253 20171211_181257 20171211_181311 20171211_183440 20171211_183446 20171211_190049 20171211_190207

Hour of Code: Dash Robot

20171207_162236 20171207_162000 20171207_161445 20171207_161404 20171207_160950The girls loved playing with Dash Robot during Hour of Code workshop put on after school. Unfortunately Mom didn’t know how to code or make the robot move, but thankfully Dad showed up to help the girls.

Mommy – daughter date

A much-needed mommy – eldest daughter time came about when Koma attended a birthday party for one of her classmates. We found a nearby bakery with funky purple walls and cool seating. Unni happily ate up the yummy macarons, cream puff and cookie we chose. We marveled at the Christmas tree decorated with fancy little tea cups as ornaments.20171203_143724 20171203_143828