Monthly Archives: November 2017

Golfing with Halabuji and Halmoni

Even pushing into December the balmy weather inspired some golfing. We discovered a new 9 hole course since our usual one closed for the season. It was different and somewhat more challenging but fun for all of us.20171124_102838


We enjoyed our thanksgiving day with friends and also grandparents. We feel fortunate to have good friends in town and love that all the kids get along so well.

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Red bean bun

For the first time, Mom made these steamed buns from scratch. The dough recipe came from the one for Pioneer Woman’s dinner rolls but it made decent red bean filled buns.


Crafts galore


The girls helped Mom put together a thanksgiving tree. After finally cutting out the tree from old moving paper, the girls also cut out leaves on which people could write their thankful notes.

We Costco!

We are so excited by our new Costco which recently opened. Opening day, they offered lots of samples and we happily partook of the pastries, croissants, pasta, meat, coffee, juices, etc. After years and years of wishing, we purchased sheepskin rugs that are sold seasonally there. The girls love sleeping on them and spread them out in front of the fireplace one evening. Coziness!