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First day of School (kindergarten and second grade)

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The girls eagerly woke up the first morning of school and quickly dressed, ate breakfast and grabbed backpacks. They mugged for a few photos, and happily entered the doors leading to the gymnasium. Mom helped with the kindergarten parents’ breakfast and eventually found her way to the golf course with Dad. After early dismissal, we all swam together at the pool.

Happy birthday, Koma!

Koma chose a Shopkins birthday theme and excitedly invited her friends and also preschool classmates to her party. She knew for sure that she wanted her party at the gymnastics place.


Dinosaur dig birthday presents ended up in a big dust-up. The girls happily chipped away until they reached the dinosaur eggs and then carefully tapped out the tiny dinosaurs.

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Kindergarten jump start and family time

One evening while the cousins were visiting, Koma and her parents headed out for kindergarten jump start. The kindergartners followed the three teachers and completed various activities, practicing for the start of school. The parents listened to expectations and anticipation of the upcoming year.

When we returned home, we celebrated the girls’ birthdays.

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Surprise visitors!

The doorbell rang, and Mom encouraged the girls to answer it. As they flung open the door, their faces showed the excitement of an incredible surprise visit from their cousins! Halmoni and her two friends who were visiting from Korea came alone for the trip. All the girls enjoyed a very fun few days together.

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