Monthly Archives: June 2017

Garden Tour

We took Grandpa, Grandma, aunt and cousins to some beautiful gardens. We found some volunteers weeding and cleaning up after a storm had passed by several days prior. While speaking with them, we learned that the volunteers worked two mornings per week. Their hard work made for our enjoyment!

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Play doh

This mom is not a huge fan of Play Doh but occasionally the girls get to play with it. They think it’s a major treat every time. They created some neat hair-dos, and Mom found these photos on her phone.

20170609_133534 20170609_133607 20170609_133603 20170609_133554 20170609_133549

Tennis at the park

One beautiful sunny morning, the girls decided they’d like to play some tennis at the park. We packed a picnic and soaked up the day with some ball hitting and playground climbing / sliding.

20170607_113706 20170607_113721

Asian Market adventures

When we stopped in at a local Asian Market, we found these goodies that brought back memories for Mom when she used to shop with Halmoni at similar stores as a kid. The girls at first hesitantly tried the rice candy but quickly fell in love with the melting rice wrapper. They also enjoyed the containers of sweet treat they chose.

20170606_113133 20170606_140124