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Preschool graduation!

Unbelievably an entire year of preschool passed by and Koma loved her teachers, friends and learning the entire time. We are so proud of her hard work and wonderful development in all aspects of life. Great job to our beautiful, funny, smart and kind daughter!

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No more training wheels!

One Sunday afternoon, Dad took the training wheels and pedals off Koma’s bike and had her ride down the side hill. She quickly balanced her way down and started trying to ride around the driveway when the pedals came back on. Within a few hours she was riding independently and also inspired the neighbor girls to ride their bikes. All four girls now ride around the neighbors driveways and sidewalks for hours.

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Mother’s Day

The girls picked rose petals from the yard and sprinkled them in a circle around Mom. They were also so excited for Mom to open their gifts.

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First grade field trip

The entire first grade anticipated this field trip for weeks. When the day finally arrived, they rode buses to a nearby park first which was completely full of other first grade students from other schools. After playing for awhile, the children ate lunch and then we walked to the zoo together. The chaperones and students split up into small groups and slowly worked through the zoo.

20170512_110244 20170512_121327 20170512_124110

One mile run

Mom and Unni completed the fun run on a sunny morning. We joined up with a lot of schools and were impressed with the turnout.

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Eye test

Koma turned into an ophthalmologist one morning and gave her doll a new eye test. She needed cotton balls and “Q-picks” to perform this exam.

20170504_101338 20170504_101344