Monthly Archives: April 2017

Dandelion queen

One day we pulled out a spelling game (Boggle Jr?) and Koma enjoyed figuring out how to spell some words from the pictures. While at school that day, she picked some dandelions and her teacher twisted together a crown for her.

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Easter Road Trip

With a long weekend built into the school calendar, we deliberated on where to go but ended up deciding to visit a friend of Moms. We also fit in a round of golf, an Easter egg hunt per invitation from Halabuji and Halmoni’s neighbors, and a quick visit with family which made the girls happy. The five girl cousins created a lovely spa for the moms and Grandma.

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Zoo play date

Koma and her friend enjoyed their play date at the zoo one day when preschool wasn’t in session. They spent the most time digging in the sand but also liked to climb the rope structures. The animals weren’t all out since it was so early in the season but for the first time we saw the snow leopard pacing close up.

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We sat open-mouthed through an amazing performance of Mary Poppins musical at a local high school recently. We were awed at the talented singing, dancing and acting, as well as the special effects such as Mary Poppins flying over the audience.

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While Mom’s away….

Girls eat at a new diner with Dad! They have been talking about this diner for weeks afterward so it must have been a very fun experience. Plus the ever-exciting Storm Troopers at Target!

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Special friends

We feel fortunate to find some friends in town with whom the girls have bonded so well. Their two girls and our two girls are very similar ages (just a couple months apart). All four girls share a commonality of being half-Korean, and as such even look kind of similar. Their two girls speak Korean fluently with their mother, and this inspires our girls and this Mom to try harder. And all four girls even like Chick-Fil-A!