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Disney on Ice

We stayed in town for spring break since Mom had so much stuff to do. Halabuji and Halmoni visited for the week and girls shared lots of special, fun experiences and memories with them.  One evening, we watched Disney on Ice and the show was amazing! The princesses and princes cast Disney magic on all of us!

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The missing tooth

At last, Unni’s tooth popped out! She’s been trying to wiggle it and loosen it for a full week before it did. The tooth fairy arrived with a special fairy house, letter and money.


Trail blazers

Dad and girls wandered along a trail one afternoon. The girls were excited to find pixie dust right in their path. They also re-discovered Koma’s shelter from weeks ago.

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Mea culpa

Sorry about the hiatus in posting. Besides being super busy lately, Mom manged to delete an entire folder of her photos on her cell phone, instead of just one photo. Yikes, so we are lackinga couple weeks worth pictures but we’ll try to resume posting.


“Mom, I look like a narwhal!” she said excitedly. Dad loves to create awesome hairdos for his girls so this one was no exception.

20170304_094121 20170304_094130 20170304_090634 20170304_090638

Fever, fever go away…

Poor Koma developed a fever one night. When she fell asleep, no problem but when she woke up in the middle of the night, BOOM, she felt hot! So we kept her home from school (much to her unhappy, reluctant but understanding self) for a few days. She missed her VIK day and so Dad created an exact replica she could wear at home.20170228_093803 20170228_111844 20170228_160654

Kids Museum

We spent an afternoon at the children’s museum. We hadn’t been there for awhile so the girls had a blast. The new STEM exhibit was interesting to them, and they also had fun with the activity of the day which was hand painting.

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Back to winter

It’s been a mostly mild-ish winter with 70s in February but then hail and snow pushing into March. Girls love to be outside no matter what, so we’ll just enjoy every kind of weather that shows up.

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