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Slime craze

We have made slime before slime was cool. The Marbles Kid Museum in Raleigh NC offered recipes for slime and we had fun making it then (couple years ago). We’ve heard this season’s slime obsession has caused a run on ingredients like Borax. Koma brought home some slime with glitter she made at school. That slime loved to stick and glitterify everything it touched. Couple weeks ago Koma found cute slime in the Dollar Spot at Target so the girls have loved massaging that stuff around. And yes, it’s way simpler to purchase slime than to make it.

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Funny girl

She loves her hamburger hat immensely and then to pair it up with her sister’s valentine’s day sunglasses…. Voila!

20170222_084227 20170222_084229


Date day

With Halmoni and Halabuji offering to hang out with the girls, a full day sans kids stretched ahead. First we worked in the yard doing some spring clean up and then hiked a trail that Koma had discovered a week earlier. Her shelter still stood untouched.

20170218_151924 20170218_152321 20170218_152440

Park shelter

Unni attended a birthday party recently which translated into a couple hours for Dad and Koma to spend together. They found a neat park which is basically covered with trails (ie no playground) and walked a trail. With Dad’s help, Koma put together a nice shelter with some sticks lying nearby. Impressive little structure, really! She loved playing in nature, although managed to get Dad to stop at a playground for a few minutes before picking up Unni.

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200? ZOO? OOZ?

We pass by a sign at least once or twice a week that lights up with the letters Z – O – O. Dad teases the girls and says, “there’s the ooze” because if we drive a certain direction, we first see the letter O, then O, then Z. But that Z kinda looks like the number 2 also, and so Halabuji teased the girls last week by calling it the 200. In any case, when Unni had a day off last week, we made our way to the 200 (along with everyone else who lives around here!). The girls had a blast seeing baby elephants, orangutans, penguins, the sharks in the aquarium, the zebras, cheetahs and even little gerbils running on a wheel. The beautiful weather called for ice cream which was a large as Unni’s head.

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Happy valentine’s day!

Both girls excitedly prepared and signed their valentines to distribute to their classmates, and anticipated the sugar rush for days. They were also happy to receive Valentine’s in the mail, thanks to everyone who sent one. Koma’s class held a party with moms volunteering to help. Each small group of prechoolers completed crafts at each station with preschool mom oversight.  The girls also helped to make chocolate-covered strawberries, our annual tradition.

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Fun and games

The girls created some great Lego tracks and pulled out some wonderful old toys. And of course the eldest reads at every opportunity, even at breakfast.

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