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Snow? not much but enough to play

Last week, an unexpected dusting of an inch or so left the streets slick early one morning. We grabbed the opportunity to play, of course. Koma was very excited that since she took snow pants to preschool, only she and another classmate with snowpants were allowed to play up on the snowy hill during recess,

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Unni’s school projects

This girl has been amazing at school. The students are researching an animal of their choice and then writing about their research. She loves it, says it’s her favorite writing project so far. Possibly following in Dad’s footsteps?  She also loves her reading and math classes, and also found a new chapter book to stick her nose in (Little House in the Big Woods).

20170126_125454 20170126_125551

Koma’s school projects

These projects accumulated over the past few weeks since the students complete one craft daily. Koma loves to create them and they are the result of hard work. She made the moon cycles, the moon surface with texture, emotion faces, snowman and ornaments.

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Fun with Dad Part II

The girls have lots of new fun things up their sleeve now, like “spoonsicles,” blaze-fast pizzas, and even ice cream for breakfast. They even discovered the family bathroom at the gym when they went swimming, completed with shower and bench.20170118_083328 20170118_083537 20170119_085351 20170119_091811 20170119_105331 20170119_170635 20170119_172204 20170119_182442 20170120_082912 20170120_084000 20170120_093109 20170120_095747 20170120_155408

San Diego

Mom attended a conference for a few days while the girls kept their usual routine with Dad. Being separated from the girls for the first time since their birth, there was a small question of how they would fare but everyone did great. They tagged along to the airport and then promptly headed off to start their exciting day which included a new restaurant, museums and even skating in the afternoon. Many kudos to Dad for keeping the girls busy and happy.

Mom’s flight to San Diego involved a layover in beautiful Denver, with just a teeny glimpse of the mountains. Better than nothing!  Also, being in San Diego was a very special time with a dear friend. Though knowing each other almost twenty years, it had been about 12 years since our last meeting.  She and her husband were such wonderful, gracious hosts, and our time together flew by too quickly.

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Ice storm

For days we’ve been hearing forecasts of a “massive” ice storm. Lines of people stood at the grocery stores, salt flew out of the hardware stores faster than could be stocked and people shielded their cars from the ice with cardboard or blankets. We awoke the next morning to find some ice (hence the bent tree branches) but electricity stayed on.


Schools were cancelled which made the girls happy. They ate a prolonged breakfast with something mesmerizing on the tablet (quite a special treat!). The sparkling crystals hanging off the trees glittered when the sun finally peeked out. Mom was slightly anxious about her flight to San Diego the next morning, but was able to reschedule to the afternoon.

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Outdoor skating

Dad’s dream has come true! He has been wanting to take the girls skating at the outdoor rinks around town. A couple weekends ago we tried out the downtown man-made rink and that was fun. The rink wasn’t too big but there was a nice indoor warming area. This last weekend the lake frozen over enough for outdoor skating to be permitted.

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