Monthly Archives: December 2016

Late night snack

Koma tends to the night owl side of sleep. Her latest tactic of lying quietly in her dark room then requesting a snack because she’s hungry worked the other night. Mom’s weak for her asking for food, any time of day or night. She chose a cutie for her snack, willingly agreeing to brush her teeth again.

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Happy birthday, Dad!

The girls excitedly shopped for and wrapped Dad’s gifts. They also chose four special bundtlet cakes, with no doubt that he would enjoy the chocolate mint one.

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School projects

Over the past few weeks, the girls brought home several exciting projects from school. Koma completes a craft daily at school with all kinds of material such as shaving cream, paint, marshmallows, etc. Unni recently created a gingerbread house with her fifth-grade buddy which was a very special project as she has bonded well with her.

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Dad’s Office Holiday Party

The festive ballroom of the local country club glowed with a roaring fire in the fireplace and sparkled with pretty decorations. The girls colored pictures with their friends and we dined from a buffet of Mexican food options. When the emcee announced that the children could line up for gifts, all the girls eyes lit up with excitement. The highlight of the night was meeting Santa Claus at the end of the evening.

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Libraries rock!

Since our girls were born, they’ve been inside libraries at least once a week. We love to browse the shelves, find new books and authors, and sometimes the girls pounce on new puzzles, toys and games that the library just purchased.