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Say “ahhh”

As usual, the girls followed the dental hygienist back without Mom. But this time, they shared a cleaning chair Mom learned later when she popped in for the consultation part with the dentist. Girls found the movie playing overhead to be quite fascinating.


Gluten-Free Kid

After a night of awakening hourly due to itchy skin and then two nights of benadryl to even consider sleeping, we decided to take drastic measures and actually try to follow a gluten-free diet for Koma.  She was so miserable, she readily agreed to the plan and amazingly has stuck with it quite well. Instinctively she knows what she should not have, and happily takes her own snacks to preschool.  Koma loved finding new snacks at Trader Joe’s (looking for “GF” on all the packages) and we love that the gluten free food now tastes fairly decent. It’s highly doubtful she’d actually be diagnosed with celiac sprue with any lab test, but clinically her itchy dry skin has improved immensely which is the only thing that matters.


New ride for a week

While our vehicle was repaired from the fender bender smash in front of our driveway two months ago, the other party’s insurance company provided a loaner for us… just a newer, tricked out version of what we had.  The girls loved discovering the automatic doors and the corresponding buttons, the drop-down DVD player and all the bells, whistles and LED lights that luxuriate us when we bop around town.



The last really big supermoon occurred 68 years ago, and with the next one predicted in 18 years from now, we made sure to observe the huge bright moon with our girls and our friends by meeting at the lake/park. We all marvelled at the size and brightness of the supermoon. However, no pictures could ever do it justice. In the middle of the night (2 AM ish) the moonlight outside the window shone brighter than any street lamp.

20161113_171104 20161113_171230 20161113_171234 20161113_173328


We {heart} Saturdays

The girls look forward to each and every Saturday… such a welcome break after working hard at school all week. Some Saturdays Mom works online but that doesn’t inhibit Saturday enjoyment. This fall, every Saturday includes an ice skating lesson which girls love.  On a recent Saturday morning, the girls snuggled together to read a book in bed. Then after the ice skating lessons, we stopped for lunch downtown before hiking on some trails and soaking up the glorious fall weather. The Nature Center provided ample foliage and we saw plenty of birds in captivity due to injury (such as barred owls and vultures). On this fine day, the awesome bison grazed very close to the fence which allowed us to see them very well.

20161112_081624 20161112_135337 20161112_142329 20161112_143422 20161112_143529 20161112_145825 20161112_145831

State park hike

One Sunday afternoon we chose to explore a nearby state park along with a friend. We’d heard great things about this park and found a cool suspension bridge which swayed when we walked across as well as the figure 8 trails.

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Get to-get-her

One of Unni’s spelling words recently was “together” and she learned the correct letter sequence by breaking up the word to “to get her.” One gorgeous Saturday evening we hopped a ride with some wonderful friends and then spent a wonderful evening with some other wonderful friends around a wonderful bonfire. I loved the creativity of the event and snapped a few pix with permission…. dreamy pinterest-y setting!

20161105_172623 20161105_174530 20161105_174917 20161105_182804 20161105_182958 20161105_183008 20161105_183028 20161105_183030 20161105_183615