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Skate lessons

Both girls started up skating lessons couple weeks ago. Unni moved up to the next level and Koma started at the basic level.  She initially cried and said she was too scared but from the first moment she stepped onto the ice, she relaxed and started to have fun.  She now asks daily how many more days until her next lesson.

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You-know-who suggested this donut shop visit! This time of year, they stock green goblins, pumpkins and spider webs as well….

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Zoos are especially awesome for girls our age! They were happy to share the local zoo with Halabuji and Halmoni on a beautiful, sunny day.

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Tree Adventure Part III

We also received free trees with our admission to the tree farm. Since there were six of us, we chose a variety of colorado spruce and eastern pine.  The girls had fun planting them in small containers for the winter.

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Tree Adventure Part II

After the outdoor play area and picnic lunch, we hopped on a wagon ride through the trees.  We learned about the original owners of the tree farm, and also about various trees.  At the end we stopped to pick some heirloom apples.  After the ride, the girls wanted to run through the corn maze and look for neat gourds. We also walked the trail which led us to yet another tree house and kept us entertained with the search for bird shadowed- boxes hanging in trees and gnomes. We stumbled upon three different sized chairs which were reminiscent of the goldilocks story.

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Tree adventure Part I

Unni’s short fall break was a welcome reprieve from school work.  During one of those days. we discovered the most amazing park with tree houses, trails, and outdoor play space.  We spent the entire day there, until closing. The girls learned about the layers of a forest canopy and playing in the outdoor play area.

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Trees and pests

We finally found the emerald ash borer!  Well, kinda. It wasn’t the real thing but it was alive and moving at the university. It was in costume and the girls learned about the ash borer from him and how to spot it. Afterward, the girls found all the items on the scavenger hunt and won free tree pencils and a bonus pumpkin! We indulged in free popcorn and apples, as well as ice cream from the dairy store.

20161013_172200 20161013_172431 20161013_175157 20161013_175902 20161013_182212 20161013_182830

Pokey poke

Mom surprised the girls with flu shot appointments. The girls didn’t find out until we were on our way but for good reason. They are now old enough to know what that means and cried in protest. By the time we got to the pediatrian’s office, they were fine. Koma volunteered to go first and confidently told her sister that she was the big girl. (second picture was taken in the morning before school)

20161012_161626 img_0023

Birthday party era

We have landed in the era of birthday parties.  The girls are excited to attend the parties and enjoy celebrating with their friends so it’s a nice thing to encourage at this stage. They’ve been to gymnastics facilities, pools, art studios and even pumpkin patches for these parties. Who knows what’s next….

20161002_143429 20161002_152145