Monthly Archives: September 2016

Museum Day

Courtesy of the Smithsonian, we took advantage of Museum Day’s free admission into a museum that we’ve wanted to see but weren’t sure if it’d be worth paying for.  The girls cheerfully wandered through with us, but truthfully it wasn’t particularly interesting to them.  They found an interactive display which they could click, which likely highlighted the event for them. For the adults, however, the displays were quite impressive.

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Swimming update

The girls love their lessons and have made great progress.  Unni learned a new backfloat kick “something, chicken, soldier,” one week with a blue float and the following week without any assistive devices. Koma developed the confidence to swim independently for a couple strokes.

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Scooters and cyclists

The girls love to hop on their various mobile devices (both the non-electronic and electronic kinds) but as the weather cools off, we have been whirling around the block on scooters, cycles and feet.  Their confidence has grown such that they’re more independent on their wheels.

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Mom’s birthday

So blessed with healthy, happy girls who blow out candles with Mom!  And seemingly we celebrate for weeks on end for each birthday which then equals more than one cake.

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Fun night

The school’s fundraiser created a lot of excitement for the children.  The girls found the games to be fun and the prizes extremely fun!  Mom helped out with tickets sales, and tried to avoid the biting gnat-sized critters that swarmed all around the field.

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Convention friends

The best part of our annual gatherings is the friendships that are developed and cemented.  The girls made several new friends, excited to find some their exact ages.

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The highlight of this preschool year occurred last week when Koma’s turn at Very Important Kid came around.  She had looked forward to the day she could wear the important yellow badge around her neck and perform all the duties it entailed such as being line leader and dressing the weather frog.  She ran to Mom in excitement at pickup time to show off her special role for the day.

20160907_151024 20160907_151337

Gorgeous gardens

One evening we drove through town and then decided to stop at the gardens which we haven’t seen all summer. The beautiful evening skies glimmered over the gorgeous flowers.  We found the ponds to be full of interesting fish and lily pads as well.

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