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End of preschool week 1

Koma chose Frostys for her treat to celebrate the end of her first week.  She loves preschool, already made several good friends and finds the “specials” like gym, music and library to be the highlights of the day.  Great job, sweetie pie!




Hoopin’ and ridin’

Besides the scooter, Koma has been hula hooping and also hopping on her big girl bike from which her sister has graduated.  She is super excited to be able to ride a two -wheeler instead of a three-wheeler, and loves the race course that Dad set up.


“Star of the week”

Unni’s teacher sent home a notice saying that Unni would be Star of the Week.  It seems that the birthday month is when the special week occurs.  The students are allowed to bring in meaningful items for show and tell. The teacher also encouraged parents (or grandparents, etc) to come in for lunch and then read books to the class.  So after lunch together one day, Mom read one of Unni’s favorite authors… Mo Willems. Later in the week, Dad and Unni ate lunch together.



Celebrating end of first week!

What a difference one year makes in approaching a new school year!  The kindergarteners were apprehensive and parents teary, while the rest of the kids marched through the doors as usual. Unni thoroughly enjoyed her first week of school and we celebrated with her choice of treat — Krispy Kreme!

20160819_160557 20160819_160624


Koma started preschool this week and is so excited by meeting her new friends and teachers. While pulling the car out of the garage on her first actual day, Mom said to Koma, “I can’t believe I’m taking you to preschool.” She answered, “Well, I think it’s appropriate at this age.”

20160822_123814 20160822_123846 20160822_132251 20160822_132255



Missin’ sis!

After months of having a non-stop friend, sister and playmate around, the return of Unni to school was kinda hard on Koma (something Mom hadn’t thought about really, yikes!)  But, we managed to entertain ourselves by walking around the block one morning on scooter and foot which helped assuage the feeling of loss a little bit.  Starting preschool will be a big help for our very social kid.

20160819_091945 20160819_091958


Last special trip before school

With summer quickly closing out and school beginning, we decided to check out the new Africa exhibit that just opened at the zoo. We were highly impressed with the entire remodel and the number of new animals.

20160812_111819 20160812_112130 20160812_113748 20160812_113849 20160812_115846 20160812_120614 20160812_123255 20160812_123747 20160812_124305 20160812_124309 20160812_130754 20160812_133051 20160812_134827 20160812_134858

First grade!

Unni started first grade and the week flew by with excitement.  She loved her kindergarten teacher so much that she was hesitant about moving up, but she came home after the first day very happy with her new teacher and class.

20160815_083344 20160815_083359 20160815_084759


How a preschooler figured out how to take selfies is beyond me, but I found these pix on my phone (some had 12 rapid bursts each!!) and laughed out loud. It’s too funny to not share, although I can see a future teenager being very upset at mom for posting them.

20160809_153517_001 20160809_153517_002 20160809_153517_003 20160809_153517_004 20160809_153528 20160809_153531 20160809_153532 20160809_153537_001 20160809_153539 20160809_153541 20160809_153542 20160809_153543 20160809_153544 20160809_153546 20160809_153548 20160809_153622_001 20160809_153625 20160809_153631 20160809_153633 20160809_153634 20160809_153643


County Fair

We made a trip out to the county fair last week and found plenty of entertainment for the girls.  They helped to shake the cream into butter, they petted rabbits (well, one did anyway), they gaped at a magician’s ability to produce a bird out of scarves, they watched other kids hang onto sheep for dear life as the sheep raced around, they rode ponies (well, one did anyway),  they watched the white tiger show, they ate cotton candy (somewhat better than deep-fried snickers), they rooted for their individually chosen pig to win the pig race (none of our selected ones did), and they not-so-secretly wished to ride the ferris wheel but (un)fortunately for them their parents are kinda paranoid about fair rides. So, they still have dreams of riding a large, but safe ferris wheel someday.

20160808_173523 20160808_175224 20160808_175252 20160808_180437_001 20160808_182507 20160808_182841 20160808_182940 20160808_185621 20160808_185851 20160808_192125 20160808_192254 20160808_192811 20160808_194511