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Kansas City Trip: Part II

We also walked up the steep steps to the WWI museum across the street from Union Station despite the blazing sun beating on us, and then meandered over to the Crown Center.  Grandpa treated all the kids to a smashed penny souvenir. We found a Crayola store (first ever for us!) and also some extremely delicious frozen custard.  We hope to return for Legoland and the Science Museum another time.

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Kansas City Trip: Part I

We were fortunate to meet up with some friends in Kansas City. We hadn’t seen them for months and the girls often talk about their friends so we were delighted at the opportunity reunite them all.  Our first stop was barbeque, of course.  After much research and pre-trip discussion, we settled on Jack Stack BBQ near the train station. It was delicious and filling!  Afterward we walked back to Union Station and discovered a model train exhibit inside.  We also wandered the impressive balcony – second and third floors.

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Grandpa and Grandma visit

Girls and their parents were so happy to have their grandparents visit.  They played lots of games (learned new ones like checkers, chinese checkers and chess), wandered the mall with them, read books and even shucked corn.  The time flew by too quickly but love the memories!

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Both girls are old enough this year to really remember and understand the magic of fireworks.  We stayed up late on Independence Day to enjoy the booming, colorful explosions with the families.  The girls really made the evening fun with glow sticks (red white and blue, of course) and also their usual antics.

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Extended family photos

The last time we all took a portrait together the two youngest weren’t even born.  So, we took Halabuji and Halmoni’s suggestion and arranged for a photo shoot.  The girls all cooperated wonderfully and the photographer even exclaimed we were a fun bunch!

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Happy 70th Birthday, Halmoni!

The girls excitedly created a birthday banner, twirled in their matching pretty purple dresses and helped with the preparations as best they could.  Grilled ribs, delicious side dishes, fruit and a beautiful rose cake from a local bakery rounded out the meal. The girls presented their Halmoni with a birthday crown, sang to her and of course blew out the candles in unison.

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Farm park

The park in the town where the cousins moved to recently is amazing.  The climbing structures are unique and the pulley system fascinated the girls all morning.

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Cousin love

What a blast these five girls had together!  They played so well, even slept over without parents. They’re now at an age where the time together is simply fun!  Number two and three in the line-up are like mental twins — they wake up at the same time (even in different rooms), they giggle at the same things, and they’ve bonded like true sisters.

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New old park with friends

When my brother and I were little, we used to sled down the big hills of a part near our house.  While in the area, I googled the “best playground” and this old park showed up as the best.  Apparently, the park was remodeled into a great park. So, we met up with some friends and found some amazing climbing structures, sand pit and dish-like swings. The playground has been built into the hills so the sledding might be more limited these days, I’m guessing. The kids all had a great time together.

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