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Smile like the pancake!

We found a new cafe that serves yummy breakfast.  There was a wait when we arrived mid-morning but the food was certainly worth it as other patrons in line reassured us when we walked in.

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Pool Party!

The girls have really fallen in love with the pool this summer.  The hot, hot weather definitely encourages us to splish splash.  Unni now swims fairly independently and taught herself to dive for objects in the water.  She’s now trying to swim on her back and also do handstands underwater. We’ll need to sign up for lessons next session to learn how to coordinate all the kicking and arm strokes.  Koma happily jumps into the pool with no floaties and has no problem with getting her face wet anymore.  She still objects to lessons (thanks to a tough-love swim coach last summer) but is excited to try new things.  We landed at the pool one evening of the big community party.  So we stayed for the girls to slide down the bounce-house and also try the dunk tank. Unni managed to dunk a lifeguard once.

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Our Awe-mazing Capitol

I’ve been wanting to tour the state capitol building for months now, but finally jumped on the chance one super-hot day.  Our friends joined us on the impressive tour and we even rode the old-fashioned elevator up to the top and walked out onto the observation deck.  It’s awe-inspiring to think that someone(s) spent hours putting together tile pieces on the floor, walls and ceiling to create beautiful mosaics everywhere.  The Italian marble columns were also grand.  We peeked through the glass doors/windows at the legislature (not in session right now) and we sat in the Supreme Court.

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Summer Vacation Week 4: Playdate at the museum

We beat the heat by meeting up with some friends at the children’s museum. The craft for the day was making colored rabbits and ties (for Father’s Day) using shaving cream and paint.  The kids all found the messy activity to be quite fun.  We ended the day by visiting with a blind young lady who showed us how to use the Braille typewriter. The girls typed their own names with her help.

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Take me out to the ballgame…

The girls were excited for their first baseball in our new town.  They earned half-price tickets for participating in the summer reading club at the library.  The girls even got to meet Superman and the mascot at the stadium! The playground there also is a nice touch, helping to keep the game very family-friendly.

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Crafts of all varieties

The shocking news is that the girls managed to spend three full days without any media entertainment! Thanks to new Lego sets, Dollar Store foam/bead/craft items, Sticky Mosaics and Beados, the girls have used their fingers and brains to create hours of fun. Cheaper than sending them to a week of camp, I say! (Photo credit: Unni)

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Summer Vacation Week 3: Shutterbugs

Unni has a new-found love of grabbing Mom’s phone and snapping photos.  I’ve been finding random shots and videos which have been quite amusing and enlightening. (Like, I’ve learned that my kids like to organize/sort items — e.g. soda cans — while Mom’s working in the kitchen.) She’s even learned to do selfies!

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