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Summer vacation play dates

The girls are excited to have friends over to play or to meet friends at their homes or at parks.  We hope the summer continues with happy memories of good times with good friends!

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Summer vacation Week 1

These next two and half months are destined to fly by. I can tell already by how quickly the first week sped along.  We had multiple play dates with various friends, and the girls already tore through a few special activities Mom had secretly planned (like Play Doh for instance — love the hair-dos and macarons they made). We attended preschool storytime as well which was packed full due to school-age siblings in a tow.  The thunderstorms precluded us from doing much outside but that allowed for an afternoon of snacks and movie.


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Botanical Garden

We met up with some friends at the botanical gardens last week.  It was perfect weather and the roses are just starting to bloom.  The spacious grounds were quite beautiful.

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Last week of school!! Social gatherings

There was an all-school picnic which included a tree planting event, as well as a kindergarten ice cream social.  These memories are all sweet, and friendships are even sweeter.  We ended the week with a trip to Chick-fil-a to celebrate!

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Last week of school!! Field Trip

It was a hectic week last week.  Apparently that’s the norm for end of school but it was a marathon to hurdle all the activities and events. One of the activities was taking a field trip to a farm which included a hay ride, walking through tall grass to a creek, riding a shetland pony, and petting various critters. Of the interesting things we saw, one bull chased the hay wagon out of its territory and one sheep got stuck in the gate. The bus ride there and back was extremely exciting for these kids who don’t usually ride a bus to school. Unni was so sad about leaving her wonderful, beloved kindergarten teacher and burst into tears after the very last day.

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Piano lessons (virtually)

I read recently about Hoffman Academy, an online piano course. While probably not for the long-term, it does seem like a good starting point.  Unni has tried four lessons and learned a few things.  Even Koma runs around singing “hot cross buns.”