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What is this stuff??

The girls are fascinated by these tiny polymer balls which stick to each other, and played for a couple hours making all kinds of stuff.  The suspicious mom wonders what this stuff that kinda looks like dippin dots is made out of, but it’s hard to argue with hours of play.

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Lake walk

One evening after supper, we took advantage of the warm breezy weather and walked around the big lake in town.  Grandpa pointed out some turtles on a log which the girls found interesting.  They also ran up and down hills, walked through sand and made Dad carry them some of the time.  We saw many people enjoying the warmth and sunshine.

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Windy patio

The other day, Unni took her books outside to read and found the wind gusts blew things around. Koma had the idea for a pillow-weight. Grandpa joined them in the reading club.

20160423_161435 - Copy 20160423_161601 - Copy 20160423_161848 - Copy 20160423_161858 - Copy 20160423_162022 - Copy 20160423_163137 20160423_163354

New found park!

We are always looking for new places to play (quite a hobby, no doubt!) And happily found this one with a turret…. every princess’ dream.

20160417_130415 20160419_164711

Children’s zoo

Dad, Grandpa and the girls explored the children’s zoo in town here.  They were amazed by all the different animals, especially at kid level. The girls fed the camels and also rode the train around the park.

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Weather Fest

Dad’s work sponsored a weather festival that was open to families.  The girls found the demonstrations interesting, the face-painting delightful and all the goodies overflowing.  Unni even stood in front of the weather map and presented a forecast on “tv.”  The girls brought home bags full of stuff! The first photo shows a weather balloon (white).

20160416_100927 20160416_102931 20160416_104227 20160416_110907 20160416_111608 20160416_111927 20160416_113239 20160416_113252

Grandpa visits us!

Grandpa arrived late one evening last week and the following morning, we caught up with him at the tractor museum.  Grandpa was on a tour and while we waited, Koma sat in a tractor.





20160415_001541 20160415_111032 20160415_111039

More play dates, more new friends

I resolved that when we moved we were going to try to meet lots of people, invite everyone we could over to our house, and play with as many kids as possible.  We are very fortunate that we have met so many nice people in so many different ways, and even more fortunate that we have developed some wonderful friendships. Last week, Koma’s preschool buddy and his mom invited us to meet some of their friends.  We had a blast!  Due to other obligations, Koma and I left after a couple of hours, but we heard the rest stayed until 4 or 5 pm!

20160413_104508 20160413_110101 20160413_114920