Monthly Archives: March 2016

On the hunt

We didn’t participate in any official egg hunts this year.  The first Saturday that opportunity arose, it was 32 degrees at hunt time, and the following Saturday, it was rainy.  Fortunately the girls didn’t even know where and when the hunts existed but kept asking if they could have one.  So, on Monday we filled some plastic eggs with wrapped chocolate and the rest with marbles.  We created the hunt three times, each girl plus Mom taking turns hiding the eggs.  The girls were mighty quick in spotting them!

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Passing through

Our friends were on their way back east when they contacted us so we met up for a quick bite.  It was great to see how big the kids have grown, and nice to spend a little time together.


Children’s museum

We met up with some friends at the Children’s museum and all the girls (and parents!) had a blast!  They built with blocks and used pulleys to get the blocks up to the top of the cuckoo clock.  They played in the grocery, the veterinarian office, in a spaceship, the doctor’s office, on a police motorcycle, on airplanes and much more. They even had their faces painted.  The funniest part of the morning was the impression pins that all of us stuck our faces into and made “masks.”

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The expedition

All of us, including Dad, visited the zoo on a chilly-ish day last week.  We only walked half the zoo but that was about plenty. And this time, we viewed the IMAX movie about humpback whales.  The girls sought out their favorite animals (Koma – lion and Unni – okapi).  We ended the day with some yummy pizza at a very cool restaurant mid-town which uses NYC-esque water!

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What’s up?

Please look at this photo to figure out the new thing in our house these days.  The answer will be at the bottom, written backward.



.gninrom eht ni derit gnieb amoK ,oN. !flesreh yb secaleohs reh eit yllanif nac innU.

“New” piano

I love watching the girls make noise music on the “new” piano.  They’ve also pulled out their drum, mini-piano, recorder, and maracas to accompany the piano.

20160317_155805 20160317_201200 20160317_201214

Lost in fun

Koma had a play date with her buddy recently.  She had a blast running around the indoor play area and hardly knew where to start! She jumped, climbed, slid, laughed, cooked, shot a gun and even popped bubbles.

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