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Spectacular, sunny Saturday

The gorgeous, warm, sun-filled day drew us outdoors again.  Last Saturday was the last session of skate school and Unni earned her certificate from the US Figure Skating Association (congrats!).  And in the afternoon, the girls wanted to go to Unni’s school playground to play.  We ran into another kindergartner there and all the girls climbed, slid, balanced, hula-hooped, dug gravel and played together. We soaked up as much sunshine as possible before heading home to prepare for company.

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Stone soup at story time

Koma was so excited to participate in the making of stone soup at story time yesterday.  Each child got a vegetable to add to the cauldron, and Koma happily got up at the appropriate time in the story that the librarian told to contribute her tomato.


Eagerly waiting spring

A few days ago, the temperatures climbed high and the weather felt beyond spring – almost summer!  We loved it and soaked up as much sun as possible at the park, at home and on the trampoline.  The girls played outside with sidewalk chalk and neighbor friends until past sunset.

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The love-hate play-doh relationship

Bottom line — Mom hates the mess, Girls love to play.  They have been begging for weeks (er, months) for some play doh and finally Mom relented.  They loved rolling it around and creating fun ice cream varieties, which meant that funky stuff entertained them for nearly two hours.  The girls each ran to show Mom the various flavors and creations, so Mom felt bad for withholding such fun from them for such a long time.  They even cleaned up the mess without any fuss and the play doh table was restored to its usual state (wonder why??!!)

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Marbles in the jar

Unni happily reported after school that she earned two marbles for the class jar that day.  She said she earned one for sitting still and another one for completing a Venn diagram on the back of her worksheet after she finished her seat work early. I think I was in high school before I knew what that concept meant!


Doctor, doctor, give me the news

The girls pounced on Dad one evening and sang “time for your check up, time for your check up.” In case you don’t have preschoolers running around your knees, that would be Doc McStuffins’ song. Both girls managed to listen to Dad’s heart and lungs and pronounced him healthy.  The next morning Koma played a very well-behaved patient for her own doctor.  She’s maintaining her petite self on the wee curve, so Mom shouldn’t fret, maybe…

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Friends and neighbors

Our girls are thrilled that there are girls who live next door to us.  They watch for the girls all the time, and are always happy when they come over to play.  We are glad to have good friends next door!