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Snow, the non-epic surprise kind

While the east coast was buried over the weekend, we started the week with an icy morning commute followed by snow. The forecast called for less than a inch of the white fluff, but early afternoon the huge flakes continue to flurry down quickly until we ended up with a good 3 inches.  After slipping and sliding to pick up Unni from school, we all shoveled the drive, which has become an exciting,anticipated activity for the girls. The snow scraped off easily due to the black ice underneath, and the girls found themselves skating on the driveway in boots, much to their delight.  Unni figured out the new sport of belly-skating as well. (The first photo is the snow family that Dad and the girls made on Saturday before the snow came).

20160125_084053 20160125_160330 20160125_162253 20160125_162305 20160125_163928 20160125_163932


Happy Monday!!

This is how much we love Monday mornings…. although Koma did finally arise from bed when Mom asked if she wanted to go to preschool. That girl loves her preschool, and talks about every detail of her “one-hour preschool” but it’s still hard to wake up on Mondays.



And last week, she lied back down after getting dressed and all…




Who doesn’t love pizza? And we found out recently that the girls love making it too!  They were most impressed by Dad’s crust-throwing abilities…. a new-found talent!

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Odd weather

One week ago, the weather turned balmy and almost spring-like.  We met up with the Moms and Tots play group at the big playground and enjoyed the 55 degree sunshine-filled afternoon.  Then a couple days later, the temperatures dropped to sub-zero lows and snow blew in.  We love it all — sunshine, warm, cold and snow — and found fun things to take advantage of the particular day’s weather including sledding down along the side of our house.

20160114_123521 20160119_160003 20160119_160005 20160119_160836 20160119_160846 20160119_163616 20160119_163621

MLK play dates x 2

It was unusual, but we ended up with two play dates on the day off of school. The girls played with two girls from the neighborhood in the morning, and then some other girls we know came over in the afternoon.  The day flew quickly!


New town, new doctors, new routine

Ah, one of the joys of moving…. finding new doctors, dentists, etc. Fortunately, our new friends have helpfully pointed us to some great providers. Last week, I met my new oncologist.  Originally I tried to make an appointment with the guru of follicular lymphoma at the University Medical Center (whom my previous oncologist knew and recommended) but she must be close to retiring or something as she only sees new patients for a second opinion.  So my appointment was with her partner, and he seemed thoughtful, nice, and a typical academic-medicine sort.  You know, the kind who knows so much, that answers are perfectly clear except they aren’t because medicine is an art not just evolving science??!!  Having said that, I’m pleased to have care at a renowned institution with cutting edge treatment and ongoing clinical studies, and to have a physician who is experienced and knowledgeable.  And, I’ve graduated to annual check-ups. And, I may need regular mammograms or I may not.  That’s up for debate still.  Yep, that’s the answer.

One of our dear friends offered to go along with me to my appointment since she was familiar with the building and check-in procedure and even offered to watch Koma while I met with the physician. Soooo thankful! The waiting room housed an entire section for children, complete with toys, coloring books, picture books, magnet tables, blocks, etc.

20160111_101314 20160111_103832 20160111_104746 20160111_114743 20160111_114746




Skate School

Unni’s continued love for skating has extended this winter. She’s progressed amazingly well without lessons but jumped at the opportunity of taking them.  We learned about the Skate School being offered at the University’s new ice rink by members of the US Figure Skating Association.  The first lesson was a bit disorganized but the following week ran much more smoothly.

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