Monthly Archives: December 2015

Snow, glorious snow

My girls may be the only ones in the universe who have been begging for snow every single day.  Imagine their thrill when they awoke and the world was magically white a few mornings ago.

IMG_7989 IMG_7990 IMG_7991 IMG_7992 IMG_7993 IMG_7994 IMG_7995 IMG_7996 IMG_7997 IMG_7998 IMG_7999 IMG_8000 IMG_8001


Hibernation puppet show

Since Unni spiked a little fever last weekend, we stayed in and played.  The girls found their animal hibernation craft from the library and made puppets out of the animal pictures which they attached to straws.  They created a funny hiberation show with all 12 animals.

IMG_7977 IMG_7976 IMG_7975


Ginger cookies

A couple years ago our neighbor gifted us some soft yummy ginger cookies. Since then, I’ve loved them and baked a double batch this weekend with the girls. Thankfully, we shared them with others so not too many remain in the house.

IMG_7969 IMG_7970 IMG_7971 IMG_7973 IMG_7974