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“And this is the hospital bed”

Koma was creating a hospital bed with blankets the other day to act out a scenario of caring for one of her grandparents.  She hopped up on the chair next to it and declared, “I am the doctor and you are the nurse, mommy.”  Then she made both of us lie on the blankets and “get all cozy” so we flip-flopped between being patient and caregivers for awhile.


Happy snow day!

We saw big fat snowflakes falling on the windshield as we drove along to a playdate last week.  Koma was super-excited since she’s long awaited snow.  At the coffee shop where we met the other moms and kids, Koma ordered the hot (ok, warm) cocoa which was a perfect fit for the first snow flurries.


Bear hug at the dentist

The process of moving can be a strain because of finding new dentists, doctors, etc.  However,  I believe we hit the jackpot with our new pediatric dentist.  Koma went for her 6 month cleaning (a month late but that’s not too horrible bad, right??) and bravely allowed the hygienist to poke, prod, brush, floss, rinse and suck water back out of the mouth via that cool tube that dentists use.  She also cooperated very nicely for her first xrays.  Needless to say the hygienist and dentist were most impressed with her behavior and oohed over her yellow rain boots also. The dentist also showed us the sugar cabinet which displayed sugar equivalents of many popular kids foods.  WOW!

20151117_092721 20151117_101003


Very own Youtube video

The girls find the YouTube videos of little kids opening random toys or eggs or whatever to be quite exciting.  The videos usually have an adult male voice speaking with a young girl with much excitement about a particular toy.  So, the other night, Dad put on his very own video show (minus the actual video recording) for the girls, except his show involved the girls watching him take food bites.  They were giggling and fascinated by the drama.

20151114_181857 20151114_181859 20151114_181901

Weekend bike ride

The girls rode their bikes all the way to the big park again, and arrived just in time to watch the sunset. Google maps calls the distance 1.6 miles, which is pretty decent for a couple little girls.

20151114_160741 20151114_165736

Women’s basketball

Last winter, the girls loved to watch the women’s basketball team at Dad’s university.  They were excited to attend a women’s basketball game here on Saturday.  They cheered and lasted through halftime as planned. We were amazed by the spinning, whirling dogs catching frisbees during half time.



Our girls are non-stop saying interesting and funny things these days.  I wish I could keep them at these ages.  It’s really great to have conversations with them, and find out what they’re thinking.  Amazingly, most of their thought processes are quite logical. They are also teaching each other all kinds of new tidbits and correcting each other of miniscule (perceived and/or real) grammatical and syntax errors. The little one loves to roll out random big words she’s picked up from her sister and others, such as “consonant,” “ridiculous,” “frustrated,” “congratulations” and “instructions.”

The other day, Koma and I were riding along in the van when she said, “Mommy, I love you all the way up to heaven and God.   And even more taller than all the cars put together.” I replied, “I love you, too” and she immediately rebutted, “but I love you more.”

Unni is learning lots of new things at school from the other students, most of it very good but some we’ve had to shut down immediately. She’s grown tremendously by observing other children and interacting with them. She’s learning to stand her ground, make friends, figure out which kids are troublemakers, ignore distractors, advocate for herself and talk to the teacher about things that bother her.  The kindergarteners draw and write every day in writers workshop, which is both the dreaded “I don’t what to write about” and the highlight of her day. Her handwriting has improved greatly; her letters are much neater than before. I find the phonetic writing to be quite amusing, though.

Yesterday, she brought home this piece of art (self-portrait)? writing? classwork?


If you can’t read it, the thought balloon reads “I am a peacemaker when I….. go podey.”  When I asked what that meant, she said that you can’t be a peacemaker unless you are comfortable.  Despite ROARING with laughter (on the inside), I smiled in response and said. “you are right. Good job.”