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Opening soon! Chick-fil-a

On our way to a store the other day, Koma and I passed by the new Chick-fil-a which is almost open. We’ve been watching it being built and are super-excited because it’s one of the things we loved about living in the south. Anyway, our heads swiveled around as we ogled the tents and people lined up for the grand opening.  Later I read that these people would receive free chick-fil-a weekly for a year.  Tempting…..


Halloween preview: story time

Monday night the girls wanted to attend the special spooky story time at the library.  The children were encouraged to dress up, which turned out to be very fun and cute.  Some of those costumes were really adorable, particularly on the babies.  The stories weren’t spooky, the crafts were crafty and the giveaways afterward made the evening extra special.


Polka dot day

Unni’s school participated in a polka dot pants dance in order to win a visit from a children’s book author.  The entire school wore polka dots one day (although several moms told me that there are NO polka dot clothes for boys, which I’d never thought about since I don’t have boys but it’s true!). The morning was made even more exciting by one of the students riding in a firetruck to school as a reward for winning the city’s fire department poster contest.

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Football frenzy

We’ve encountered the football frenzy that takes over every Saturday.  Dad managed to find four tickets together to a game of my alma mater no less!  We all enjoyed a delightfully beautiful afternoon in an excitingly loud stadium. Koma ate at least a slice and half of pizza, Unni downed an entire long hotdog, and Mom was super happy because Northwestern won the game (she was wearing the right color after all!).   The stadium held a sold-out crowd of 89,000+ people and it was a sea of red. As we walked back to our car, Koma looked up and saw the woolly mammoth.  Then, we happened upon some cheerleaders who graciously posed for photos with our girls.

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Halloween Hustle

Koma attended a very cool story time this week.  The author of a halloween book read her book and taught the children how to do the halloween hustle as well.  The children made a craft — a bat hat — which Koma sported with her ferocious face.  I was impressed with Koma’s ability to follow dance moves and also with her enthusiasm.

20151022_100125 20151022_103622 20151022_105835


Frozen find

The girls received some Disney Frozen wall decals from my former office at the farewell party.  The package has been lost for weeks now, and I’ve unpacked all boxes that say “girls bdrm” on them.  The other night, while looking for a comic books for our guests, I stumbled across the missing wall decals in a box that says “girls bdrm books”  which I’d purposely left alone until we could put the books away on the proper bookshelf.  Such happiness to finall!

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Weekend update

Unni and Koma enjoyed the fall break long weekend together.  It was a great time for Unni to let down and relax.  She practiced hard every day and finally is able to ride her bike without training wheels.  We entertained at our home Friday night with some new friends.  Saturday morning, we hustled up and down the stairs rearranging beds, organizing and unpacking some more boxes.  That afternoon, the girls and Mom viewed the local high school marching band festival.  The stands were completely full, as was the parking lot.  That evening, we watched a local college women’s soccer game, cheering on a young lady we know who plays.  She was an awesome midfielder.  Our Sunday also was full as we were invited for a delicious lunch (maybe it’s called dinner here, not sure) with excellent company.

20151017_134639 20151017_134706 20151017_180738


Story time

We’ve discovered that the library hosts a wonderful preschool storytime which Koma likes to attend.  The other day, the pumpkin theme lent itself to a pumpkin-creating flannel board activity.  Koma amazed us by going up to the board and helping to make the pumpkin.