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New favorite hat

Back when I posted about Hat Day, you may have noticed that little sister also sported a new hat. Koma herself chose this hamburger hat and loves, LOVES, L.O.V. E.S. it.  She wears this hat everywhere, and the most recent place was at Culvers, where appropriately she ate a butter burger.



“I miss my sister”

But she’s trying hard to find fun things to do with Mom, who doesn’t really play as well as Unni.  Anyway, one day, Koma hung out with Dad at his office for an hour while Mom went to Unni’s school to have lunch together.  And, Koma has been learning to recognize and write some letters.

20150922_113235 20150923_101414


Since we’ve moved to our new town, we’ve found some really cool parks and quirky items while driving all around town (along with the requisite stops at Trader Joes, Whole Foods, Target).  One neat feature Koma and Mom found in the library is the kid bathroom that is sized for toddlers.  It’s hard to capture in a photo but Koma could sit on the potty and touch her feet flat to the ground.  The sink and dryer were also proportionately low.

20150915_111337 20150915_111346

We found some very cool-looking doors on campus.  This one being tall and heavy-appearing.20150917_190542 20150917_190604 20150917_190800 20150917_190812

The absolute best part of this town is finding new parks.  The girls need to run around, especially after the pressures of school and also living in small quarters. Our favorite so far is the playground we discovered on campus.  It’s part of the childhood education observation area, but we have walked over after hours.  Unni started hula-hooping one evening and became much better at it. Dad and the girls played chase all around the play area which left the girls squealing and laughing so hard they were out of breath.

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Hat day

Unni’s new school sent home information about the upcoming hat day in which the children wear hats all day at school, and they earn a dollar at home to bring to school for a donation for other children who need food. Except that all the girls hats are in storage with the movers. So, Dad took the girls shopping for hats and they came away with some great deals.  Unni picked out a cute pink one (I know, it’s so shocking that she would pick pink) and Koma found a funky hamburger hat (I didn’t ask any questions) which she absolutely adores.

20150917_190601(0) 20150918_153949 20150918_154008

Street festival

To keep the town health-conscious, the parks and recreation department held a street festival on Sunday which spanned a two mile circle of city blocks.  Many booths lined the streets, and inflatable bounce houses drew the attention of little children.  We also walked up to a very talented young lady who created very neat balloon items — a tiara for Unni and butterfly wings for Koma. They also played a beanbag toss game and won free toothbrushes and toothpaste.  Mom scored samples of a great foot/heel cream which is saying a lot since she’s tried a lot for her feet.

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Mom’s birthday

The day started out super special with Dad and girls making breakfast.  Then we finally got dressed and wandered out for an exploratory trip around our new town. The “tour of birthday” began at a bakery in which the girls found a cronut (croissant wrapped around a cream-filled donut), Mom chose a chocolate croissant and Dad got pecan rolls to share.  The pastries all melted in our mouths (WAYYY better than cake), and we buzzed with sugar.

20150919_104425 20150919_104658 20150919_104700 20150919_104705


With our big smiles and buzz on, we found a couple furniture stores to showroom browse.  The girls behaved amazingly well (I mean, as best as you can from two little high-energy girls), and we parked our rears on many different sofas, chairs and couches.  Unni wowed me with her savvy taste and knowledge of a comfortable seat.  She’s got some design style, now. She picked out a really cool fabric swatch when we flipped through the custom fabric section.  And she did find the most comfortable sofa of the day.  Anyway, we’re not ready to plunk any cash down at this moment since we can hardly even remember what the house looks like that we’ve almost bought.  (it is an odd process to buy the most expensive item of one’s life while looking around it for an hour, maybe three at the most all told. No wonder the details of wall configurations ,etc are a bit fuzzy.) But, it was a blast looking around at furniture pieces and seeing what options are out there.  The girls had fun lounging on the funny pieces and were wildly ecstatic to find kid-sized recliner with a picture of Anna and Elsa of all things!

20150919_122443 20150919_151036 20150919_151040

After a stop at the bike store, western store, lunch at a chicken place, and Super Target we decided to find a park for the girls to run.  The particular park we discovered had a HUGE playground, possibly the biggest I’ve seen.  The girls climbed, swung, ran and played for a solid hour.



Supper was the final stop of the day.  After looking on yelp for suggestions, I wanted to try a ramen noodle restaurant near the downtown university campus.  The menu was small (yep, ramen noodles), but yummy.  The girls ate very well, even slurping up their noodles like good little Koreans.

20150919_180633 20150919_181119 20150919_181403 20150919_181417 20150919_181425 20150919_181432 20150919_181441


Thanks for a great birthday, and also for the birthday wishes, songs and gifts from everyone.

Life in temporary housing

There are definite bonuses to living in temporary housing without much stuff.  There isn’t much room for girls (and adults) to mess up so there isn’t much room to have to clean.  Not that I really have to clean, since there’s a cleaning person who comes weekly.  Girls sleep on air mattresses and adults on the one bed. And, we’ve found we have plenty of things (clothes, shoes, etc) here with our bins and actually, the girls find plenty of things to amuse them without all their toys.  Dining is a little scrunched since there’s only a 2-seater raised table to eat on, but it’s kinda like camping and fun to eat sitting on the floor, too.  We have a washer and dryer in the unit so I just throw laundry in daily.  And also just press “start” on the dishwasher after every meal, full or not.  Usually not. And here, Dad can walk to work.  We even found the farmer’s market one chilly morning.

20150913_083444 20150912_071902 20150912_071900 20150911_230149 20150912_101817


The second first day of kindergarten

We visited Unni’s new school briefly and she sat with her class for about 30 minutes.  Then, this week, Unni started at her new school with a new teacher.  She did great and really likes her teacher who said she is adjusting beautifully.

20150830_142638 20150914_081820


After school….

20150914_153918 20150914_154319