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Farewell picnic


We will certainly miss our dear friends after we move.  They kindly threw a farewell picnic for us the other night at the lake.  We all really enjoyed our time together, and the kids played on the playground with their friends. (Sorry the photos are blurred, I didn’t notice until just now when trying to post).

20150823_175813 20150823_175826 20150823_175829 20150823_181228


IMG_7610 IMG_7612 IMG_7616


First day of kindergarten!

What an amazing girl!  She’s grown up so quickly and beautifully.  We are very grateful for her sweet spirit. Unni’s pediatrician told her that whoever would be her teacher is very fortunate — and we agree.  And, of course we commemorated the occasion with kindergarten photos, which her little sister had to photobomb!  We all arrived at school a little early, and waited for the magical 9 am. She walked with the teacher to her classroom without any hesitation (only Mom had tears), and at pickup time, she declared that she “loved it.” And now I’ve joined the ranks of those who make lunches I’m trying to avoid boredom, both for me and my kiddo, so started out with a bento box creation (uh, yes, that is supposed to be a cat sandwich).  She was super-excited for lunch time to come around and ate a lot, which is really all that matters anyway.

IMG_7630 IMG_7641 IMG_7645 IMG_7648 20150825_090739 20150825_091206 20150825_091254

IMG_7617 20150825_151454_001

Last photo is at pick up time.


Good times, good friends

We will certainly miss our friends, and our girls especially are feeling the change. We have been trying to get them together with their friends as much as possible before we leave. They played at the park with a few, then they splished and splashed with their buddies in the pool which made them so happy.

20150816_164238 20150816_164245 20150816_164827_008 20150816_164827_011 20150816_164833

House for sale!

After a few months of busy preparation and a flurry of activity right before, we put on our house on the market.  We received an offer that evening, and so we look onward and forward to our next adventure.


New old truck

Dad found a cap for his truck on craigslist last weekend which makes it look like a different vehicle altogether, thanks to a friend who helped him rig it up.


Chicago! Part II

While we rode the bus, we spotted several cool horses on parade (kinda like the cows on parade long ago).  The girls picked out their favorite ones, and made a fun game out of trying to find them.  Unfortunately, I now realize I didn’t take pictures of any (wah!).  After zooming down the John Hancock elevator, we took a picture in front of the beautiful ball structure in the lobby. Then, we rode the bus again down to Millennium Park.  We heard the symphony orchestra practice. The girls danced in the mirrored Bean, and found their reflection in various spots.  They splashed in the water play area, and waited to get sprayed from the wall image’s mouth.  After drying off, we walked toward the bus and found a bronzish cow which begged for little girls to jump onto its back.

20150811_154055 20150811_154115 20150811_160849_001 20150811_161621 20150811_161745 20150811_163901 IMG_7577 IMG_7578 IMG_7582 IMG_7585 IMG_7589 IMG_7592 IMG_7593 IMG_7595 IMG_7601 20150811_170321 20150811_170341_001 20150811_170343 20150811_170358 20150811_170457



What trip to Chicago doesn’t include a Metra train ride and Millennium Park?  After we got off at Union Station, we rode the bus to Michigan avenue. And for the girls’ first time we stepped into the super-fast elevators and jetted up to the 94th Signature Lounge of the John Hancock Building. We already ate lunch at Water Tower Place but savored some yummy desserts while overlooking the city.


20150811_112036 20150811_112116


IMG_7563 20150811_123433 20150811_124230 IMG_7564

20150811_124244 20150811_143219 20150811_150849 20150811_150822 20150811_145103 IMG_7571 IMG_7574 IMG_7575 IMG_7569 IMG_7570

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Continuing the midwest tour

The girls spent some more time with their cousins before we left for home.  They are now getting to the age where it’s actually fun to watch their creativity and how they interact.  They put on interesting shows with various costumes. We also celebrated their uncle’s birthday together.

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