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Only when you are a little girl….

can you dress up like a princess and attend storytime at the library, and be perfectly acceptable and perhaps even praise-worthy.  Apparently the librarians all came out to ooh and ahh over the privilege of seeing Rapunzel and Anna.  Another reason why we love our little town…. where the librarians know our kids by name.

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We’ve been fixing up odds and ends that have needed work.  Recently, Dad put down the remaining cork floor in the laundry room, and we decided to paint the room too since it needed refreshed. Unni and Koma realllly wanted to help Dad paint.  They each had a chance to push the roller up and down. Unni impressed us with her innate ability to cover a wall with paint. Oh, and Dad pulled out a T-shirt from high school to wear while painting.  “Drug-free in ’93”

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Thanks, Sgt Policeman!

So, in my attempts to declutter the house, I’ve been selling some things on craigslist (bye, piano, sniff, sniff), donated vanloads to Goodwill and other local charities, and even held a yard sale (crazy tiring but fun event). However, I’ve been stymied about what to do with our expired infant car seat which obviously both girls have outgrown.  I read on one website about how sometimes police departments use them to train officers or the public.  So I called our police department and a very kind Lieutenant returned my call.  He told me they would gladly accept the car seat donation. Then asked, “Would you like me to send a squad car over to pick it up?”  Huh?!  Uh, sure.  And not more than 15 minutes later, the squad car pulls into the driveway (just as our neighbor pulled into his which likely kept him very curious), and a fully uniformed police officer complete with bullet-proof vest steps up to our door. The girls were quite wide-eyed as they’ve never been so close to a policeman before but he was extremely professional and friendly, thanking us profusely for the donation.  Seriously, we love our town because of this kind of thing!



Grandma’s here

Unni jumped for sheer joy when she realized Grandma would arrive shortly.  The girls had been counting down the days (and “sleeps”).

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Sweet treat

Recently, on a blistery hot day (uh, that could be any day since the end of May), I promised the girls frozen yogurt treats after violin lesson.

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And sometimes, the girls get other sweet treats like jumping around the mall play area.

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Kids museum

We haven’t been to the kids museum since the remodeled grocery and kitchen opened up. So while Dad was out of town, we wandered over there and rubbed shoulders with hundreds of camp kids.  Fortunately we arrived early enough to explore the museum before it got too crazy, and finished up the morning making beach-theme crafts like a windsock.

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Unni has been taking violin lessons for one year now. She’s made great progress, and we’re really proud of her work ethic.  No, she doesn’t really feel like practicing every day, and yes, sometimes it’s hard, but she’s persisted and even insisted on working at her music.  She really loves her teacher which inspires her tremendously. Great job, Unni!

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Museum Day with Dad

The girls were so excited to show Dad the dirt exhibit at the museum.  Finally.  And, they were excited to play at the sand table again. And Dad was interested in the Museum of History across the street.  So, we spent the afternoon walking through both.

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Rising kindergarteners

Our little meeting has had a dozen children born into it.  Ten years ago there were none, now there’s twelve. We gathered together at a local donut shop last week to celebrate the start of kindergarten for four of these precious ones in our area.  Time does fly!

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And, a girl can’t start school without a special backpack!

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