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Wedding fun

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We were happy to watch the young couple take their vows before family and friends. It was also great to see some old friends and meet some new ones.

Jump, jump, jump

For many months now, the girls have wanted to go to the trampoline place with Dad.  We finally had that opportunity a few days ago and the girls had a blast!

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Museum of natural science

We absolutely love this museum, and story time there is always fun because of petting animals after the scientist reads a story. This time Unni touched an alligator, ferret, lizard and rabbit.  Recently the museum opened an exhibit on dirt, more technically known as soil.  The exhibit is extremely well executed with samples of soil from each state in the US, as well as other factoids about soil.  At the end of the walkthrough, a room with several activities for children made the day really exciting.  The best activity is the huge kinetic sand table with NASA-esque topographic light shining on the sand structures.  The girls didn’t want to leave the table.

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Sight word games

We happened to attend story time last week when the librarian announced that immediately afterward some older children would be available to help the younger ones learn to read or to read to them.  Unni said she’d like to play some sight word games and the very sweet middle school girls helped her with the games.  They played “flip the egg,”  a gumball word matching game, and also a magnetic letter and word game together.


Saturday afternoon

We enjoyed our time together with friends over the weekend.  The weather was so hot, our hosts kindly prepared water play areas for the children. Also a wiffle ball game broke out and both girls wanted to play and/or stand by Dad.

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Happy Dad! (Day!)

For Father’s Day, the girls picked out a cool mug for Dad, then later wanted to find him a tie.  They ended up choosing two since each wanted to pick out their own for him.  Unni definitely wanted Dad to have a pink one, and Koma chose a pretty checkered print one.  Both great selections!


Summer = swimming

The heat this week has us loving the pool!  The past couple days have hit 100 degrees F, and the days before that the temperatures soared to the high 90s. Unni found her swimming groove and finally figured out how to put her legs and arms in motion under water.  I’m super excited about her progress.  Halmoni really helped her swim farther and farther every time.

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