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Daddy’s cowgirl helpers

The other Saturday, Dad cleaned out some of the huge limbs that fell during a storm a few weeks ago.  His girls excited pulled on their cowgirl boots and hats and ran out the door to help.

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Choo choo train park

While Koma was sick the previous week, she didn’t have the chance to go to the train park with her sister and grandparents.  So, to make up for that, we stopped there after violin lesson.  The girls enjoyed each others’ company, which apparently had been missed.  And at the end of the quick park event, I caved and got them each a chocolate Locopop treat since Unni felt really bad her sister didn’t get to have one.

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We see some friends so often that it seems silly to take photos of them, but then I realize a lot of time has passed since I last took photos.  So, the other day when the weather hit 80 degrees, we met up at a park and I remembered to take a picture.


Guess who?

We read a Bible board book from the library one day.  The next day, Koma took her shirt off and I was bewildered since she had no reason. Then she said, “Look, Mommy, I’m Adam.”


Museum of Natural Science Reptile and Amphibian Day

Yep, we touched the smooth long snakes (milk and corn varieties) as well as box turtles. We saw baby alligators swimming in a tank. We learned that crocodiles have 4000 teeth in their lifetime, growing back teeth as they lose them.  We also discovered our friends were helping with the reptile day… and we had never known that they were into snakes!  We also watched the 3D “bugs” movie but it was rather kinda scary (even for us adults). Yes, theoretically we understand the cycle of life, but watching the predator-prey dance in slow-motion was a bit much.  I came away from the day thinking that we could possibly entertain the idea of a pet snake, but then I realized I’d need to keep dead mice in my freezer to feed the thing.  Um, probably not a good idea for now….

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The girl who loves to skate

We’ve been amazed but Unni has been out skating twice this past month and begged to go more. So, Halmoni and Halabuji agreed to take her again while I was at work last week.  We might have to sign this kiddo up for lessons — ice skating, tennis, gymnastics and pretty much any other sport!

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