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Favorite game

Koma loves, loves, LOVES to pull things out of (fill in the blank) and find ways to stack, hide or play with them.  One morning after wandering out from her room with blankie in tow, she promptly opened the cabinet door and started setting a picnic on her blanket.



Frozen art class part II

The second art class involved water color with added texturing with salt.  Quite impressive art technique these preschoolers are utilizing.  Unni said this picture is of Anna and a rainbow.  And thanks to Frozen, the two-year-old is using words like “fractal” (whatever that is…. I didn’t excel at physics by any means).


Frozen art class part I

Unni was so excited to learn about the Frozen art classes (three sessions) offered this winter.  The first week the children created Olaf out of white model clay, with twigs for arms and an orange nose.


The same opposites

I’m constantly amazed at how similar and yet vastly different our girls are.  It’s not a value statement, but rather an observation.  They have the same parents, same environment, same food, mostly same activities and friends but their blooming personalities are interesting to observe.  For example, I tell both girls that they must finish all their trail mix.  So, Unni eats up all the peanuts, raisins and cranberries, keeping the chocolate chips to savor at the end.  Koma, on the other hand, dives in for the sweets first and tends to just leave the rest if Mom will allow.


First violin recital

Unni performed in her first recital last week. Despite the jitters which she didn’t display while on stage, she played “Twinkle” beautifully! Happy her aunt could be in the audience, too.


IMG_5969 IMG_5970 IMG_5971

Unni loves her teacher, Miss Erica!


Kindergarten registration

Yesterday we took the girls to our neighborhood elementary school to register for kindergarten.  It’s totally unbelievable that our baby is almost ready to start school.  Time does fly, and it’s going faster! The girls posed for photos as we headed out the door to commemorate the momentous occasion.

IMG_5955 IMG_5956 IMG_5957 IMG_5960 IMG_5961