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Storytelling Festival

Our county library system held their annual storytelling festival this past Saturday.  We’ve been meaning to go for the past several years but finally went this time.  Our morning started with a trailer ride from the parking lot to the farm where the festival is held.  The librarian on board the trailer was our favorite storytime librarian, and she led the group in singing several songs on our ride. After we all hopped off, we peeked inside one of the barns, then headed up toward the activities.  Several stations were set up, namely “writing,” “playing,” “talking,” etc and the children participated in various activities at each station.  After playing for a bit, a librarian came up to the girls and presented a “dollar” to them.  They collected several “dollars” and finally ended up at the PNC Bank tent where each chose to “buy” toys with their earned money.  Unni selected a shimmery streamer and a temporary tattoo, while Koma selected googly eyes and a magnifying glass.  Then, we headed to the main tent to listen to one of the many storytellers.  She told a tale about a wolf trying to imitate a mama sheep, and held the children’s rapt attention quite well.

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Art class part II

This week, the girls glaze-painted the pieces that they made last week which were fired in the kiln. They had fun choosing their colors. Can’t wait until next week when we pick up the painted pieces after they have been fired in the kiln again!



Lil’ chef

Unni loves to cook.  In fact, she’s always saying she wants to be a “cooker” when she grows up.  Together, she and Mom made baked chicken strips with dipping sauces.  She really, really enjoyed that activity.  Mom needs to just do more of that with her!

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Fishing with new poles

Er, actually, that would be dad’s belts.  But, I loved how much giggling and fun the girls had for the little while that they entertained themselves on our bed. (Sorry the photos are blurred, but I only had my phone on me and they were moving quick).  All that practicing must have helped since when they went fishing a few days later with Dad, Unni casted, reeled and caught a bass all by herself!

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Preschool clay class Part I

The girls loved their clay class.  I suspected Koma would like it since she loves texture but Unni enjoyed it even more. We cut out stars, moons and all kinds of shapes using cookie cutters, then decorated with all kinds of patterned objects pressed down into the clay.  Our art pieces will be baked in the kiln for a full day, then dried for a full day.  Next week, we’ll paint them.

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