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Exploring downtown

There’s a two story strip mall a block from downtown at which I’ve never stopped. Our opportunity to explore the chocolate store came yesterday. The girls found the vast sparkling cases of chocolate truffle, chocolate covered marshmallow, chocolate coated pretzel, fudge, chocolate and more chocolate extremely exciting. Nearly intoxicating. The samples of chocolate fudge threw them into a dizzy sugar high for awhile. We walked back to pick up our car from its oil change.



Just like daddy

“I wear it jeans, just like Daddy. Have pockets,” Koma repeated several times over while stuffing her little hands into little pockets.  So, I took the strong, insistent hint and snapped a photo of her outfit.


Alphabet practice and more


We’ve been working in letters and numbers. It’s interesting to see the improvement over the past year in fine motor skills. It’s also interesting to see that the letters that were easy before are now a struggle like “s” which she used to write easily is now confused with the number “5” or letter “z”.


Our eldest has expressed interest in playing the violin for several months now.  I finally started the process of searching for a violin teacher (Suzuki method for her age) and we are now renting a mini, itty-bitty, violin.  In the two days we’ve had the violin in the house, she’s played it nonstop and keeps asking if she can play it.  Hopefully the selection of a violin teacher will be decided shortly and we can get started on lessons so she’ll know how to hold a violin and play it properly.

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Crayon experiment

Unni started peeling the paper off a big bag of crayons, which somehow made my OCD tendencies to skyrocket.   So this pile of naked crayons almost hit the trash can when a ding ding ding light bulb went off in my head.  The girls dumped the crayons into a plastic yogurt container and then we placed the container outside in the heat to see what would happen to them.  Preschool science, what can I say?

IMG_3409 IMG_3410 IMG_3436


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