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Vet school open house

We spent Saturday morning at our local vet school. The open house was quite crowded, and fortunately we went early enough to find parking nearby. The tour was well organized and took us all through the buildings and outside, too. We saw surgical suites with a dog being neutered, horses with  IVs hanging from a high pole, cows with fistulas, piglets, chicks, turtles, and even a milking station. The new building houses specialty clinics, as well as diagnostic imaging and chemotherapy. Simply amazing!






Paper delivery in pajamas

One morning, Unni woke up early and we encouraged her to ride her scooter to pick up the paper. With some trepidation, and making sure we were watching closely, she scooted to the end of the driveway and collected the newspaper for us.

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“Daddy, this is you.”

“And that’s your necktie.”  Daddy walked through the door from work the other day and found this drawing of himself on the whiteboard.  The artist proudly visualized the subject, complete with necktie!

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Volatile weather (icy rain version)

The public schools were cancelled again due to inclement weather.  We waited a little bit for the temperature to rise (and hopefully limit the potential for ice) and entertained ourselves at the children’s museum.  We usually end up there on play dates which is always fun, but the girls really enjoyed just playing on their own this time.  The place was as empty as I’ve ever seen and so the girls found lots of interesting things to do without having to wait. The girls also participated in a special shamrock program.  They filled their newspaper cups with dirt and seeds.  We can plant the cups and watch the shamrocks grow. Also at one exhibit on the other side of an ambulance, there’s a phone to dial 911.  Koma picked up the red earpiece and looked intently at it.  I realized later that she’s never seen a phone like that before!

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Volatile weather (sunny version)

The weather in February and March has been quite interesting, perhaps more in other parts of the country than ours.  However, we’ve experienced the warm, sunny spring-like days with daffodils and hyacinths sprouting from the ground.  Then a couple days later, we’ve had ice storms than nearly knock out power.  So, on one particularly beautiful day last week, the girls and I soaked up the sun and took pictures of the newly-blossomed daffodils in our yard.  The girls also swung on their new sling swing that Dad put up a couple weeks ago.

IMG_2726 IMG_2729 IMG_2732 IMG_2735 IMG_2741 IMG_2743 IMG_2745 IMG_2750