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Life is as good as a box of fresh donuts.  Especially pink ones that you picked out with Daddy because you woke up at 6:30 am on a Saturday and ventured out in pjs.

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Racquet + ball = racquetball (kind of)


I seriously wonder if my husband secretly harbors Italian Jersey envy.  He found these track suits for the girls, and I agree they’re adorable, but doesn’t a person need to be from New Joisey to wear these things?  Anyway, the girls love to wear them, especially to run around at the gym.  We bounced around the racquetball court and chased the little balls for awhile.  Then, Coach Dad started Unni with ball hitting practice and she actually managed to connect the racquet and ball several times, which boosted her confidence very much. Oh yeah, and before we even left for the gym, Coach Dad was showing Koma how to do squats, which she mastered with ease.


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New ecostation

We are super excited by a new ecostation park that opened by us.  Dad is super, super, super excited because he wants his girls to play like he did in his childhood, which is wandering around 24 acres of wooded land.  Our girls loved the new ecostation, and the two women working there happily explained to us the concept of the park.  We plan on returning often.

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Yoo-nited States

We bought this puzzle of the USA a couple months ago with some misgivings about it being too advanced for our girl.  And, it is to a certain extent, which is the beauty of it.  Down the road she won’t just match shapes / states, but will match the capitols to the states, etc.  For now, she knows where Mickey Mouse lives (Florida for the rest of us), where Kelly’s daddy was born (Oregon where she’s pointing), where Halmoni lives, where Unni lives, where Grandma lives, where we live, where her friend Breanna lives, and where Mommy wants to vacation (Hawaii).  You know, the important stuff… might as well teach them young (ha, ha!).

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Zero point one five seconds of fame

As I stepped up to the cash register to check out, a very excited man ran up to me and exclaimed, “you’re our first customer!”  Then, he quickly turned and shouted at a woman standing near the entrance, “come here, Carol, this is our first customer!”  She dashed over to where I stood and asked if she could take my picture.  Uh, sure, this is quite exciting.  So I called Unni over and we (actually, just me, as I later saw the girls weren’t too thrilled about the leaving their cozy reading chairs to come over and say cheese) smiled for a photo.  The (presumed) owners thanked me profusely for being the first customer, and she requested permission for Facebook upload. Sure, why not.  I don’t have Facebook but hubby does.  And, I should be thanking them for opening such a great store.

Ironically, I’d heard about the store moving to a brand-new building and was looking forward to browsing through it.  We just happened to stop there Saturday out of curiosity, totally unsure whether it was open or not.  When we walked in, that new building aroma hit us, and merchandise was still scattered around somewhat.  But lots of people were browsing the aisles and several had been milling around the register area, so I assumed the store had already been open a day or so.  Just another exciting Saturday in the life of a mom….

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Our first fire of the season


The weather outside is frightful (ok, just kinda chilly) and we are enjoying a picnic supper in front of a toasty fire this evening. Daddy entertains the girls with some books also. Fine dining around here (ha)!

Now this pair is studying together in front of the fire

New expressions

The other day, Unni exclaimed with a grin “hold on to your mercies!”  Huh?! She and I laughed and laughed about the unusual expression.  When asked where she learned that phrase, Unni replied “I don’t know.  Maybe Grandma.”  I’ve never actually heard Grandma say it, but Unni must be melding some other phrases together.

Gross meals

Don’t laugh too loud.  But desperate moms do weird, desperate things sometimes. Grapes in chicken tortilla soup, complete with black beans, sour cream and cheese. Yep.  She ate more than three bites, what can I say?!