The Arch

Dad and girls had never been up this engineering and structural wonder. We arrived early enough to walk through the Old Courthouse in front of it, then stood in line for security check, then waited in line to wait more for the actual entrance under the arch, then posed for souvenir photos and then finally climbed into the tiny capsule to hurky jerky up to the top of the Arch. The view impressed us.

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The Hill

The Italian section of the city was filled with yummy eats and treats. We ate at Mama’s, then walked around for awhile and eventually stood in line at the bakery.


Science Center and Art Museum

The girls found plenty of excitement at the Science Center, including T Rex, a discovery room with magnets and more, paper airplane making, hurricane machine, and building blocks to make the Gateway Arch model. The art museum was not quite as exciting for them, but the building was beautiful.

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St Louis Zoo

Amazing what all is free in this city! We loved the polar bear exhibit the best as we could see the bear swim around and around.

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