CrAzY SoCk DAy

Wahhhh. I thought all my photos on my phone had uploaded but I’m finding that they have not. (Koma was correct when she said “Mom, are you sure?” before I hit delete on my gallery folder). So, I have one photo of crazy sock day and none of the fun inflatable obstacle course that the girls enjoyed at school.  Dozens of parents showed up to join in the fun that day, and Mom even raced each daughter through the obstacle course. Kiddos both won!



BOO! Mother nature presented us with a freak snow shower Halloween afternoon so the trick-or-treating traffic dwindled to very little. Our girls and their friends trekked outside with the dads anyway and returned home with overflowing buckets since the neighbors wanted to empty out their candy apparently. Koma requested to be a toilet paper roll and Dad figured out a great costume. Mom put together a mask for our eldest who has lost her front teeth and currently looks like jack-o-lantern.

20171028_185043 20171029_161815 20171029_161807

“Dear publisher,”

Koma is learning to read these days and a sentence in one of her books made no sense to her. Being who she is, she wrote a letter to the authors to speak her mind.

20171027_205809 20171027_205249


Dad has been running all winter, spring, and summer and into fall. With the goal of running a half marathon in the fall, Dad maintained his program and crossed the finish line!


Fall break part 4

The zooooo! We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to stop at the zoo (thank you, membership!) and found a new play area there. The girls wanted to see an IMAX so mid-way we walked to the theatre and then the girls asked to return to the new area.

20171016_125521 20171016_155813 20171016_144621 20171016_134843 20171016_134057 20171016_125536

Fall break part 3

Our long weekend ended with a road trip. We decided to explore the downtown of a small city and also surprise the girls with an overnight stay a hotel waterpark. We discovered some neat parks, restaurants, shops, monuments, and outdoor displays. The girls loved the waterpark too, of course.

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Fall break!

We surprised the girls with a Disney on Ice presentation after eating at a popular Italian joint. The place mostly is for carryout of their famous pizza but they offer a couple folding tables if any patrons choose to dine in. We loved the people watching and gobbled up the yummy pie (1/4 sheet!). Afterward, we found the arena and took in the many Disney characters who showed up on ice. We capped the evening with frozen yogurt!

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