Trees and pests

We finally found the emerald ash borer!  Well, kinda. It wasn’t the real thing but it was alive and moving at the university. It was in costume and the girls learned about the ash borer from him and how to spot it. Afterward, the girls found all the items on the scavenger hunt and won free tree pencils and a bonus pumpkin! We indulged in free popcorn and apples, as well as ice cream from the dairy store.

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Pokey poke

Mom surprised the girls with flu shot appointments. The girls didn’t find out until we were on our way but for good reason. They are now old enough to know what that means and cried in protest. By the time we got to the pediatrian’s office, they were fine. Koma volunteered to go first and confidently told her sister that she was the big girl. (second picture was taken in the morning before school)

20161012_161626 img_0023

Birthday party era

We have landed in the era of birthday parties.  The girls are excited to attend the parties and enjoy celebrating with their friends so it’s a nice thing to encourage at this stage. They’ve been to gymnastics facilities, pools, art studios and even pumpkin patches for these parties. Who knows what’s next….

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Pumpkin run again

The perfect crisp, sunny autumn morning allowed for a great one-mile run for Unni and Dad.  They steadily passed other runners and finished under 11 minutes. Good job, team!

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Apple orchard field trip

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One little girl was so excited to take this trip with her preschool class, especially since it involved a bus ride there and back. The class had been practicing how to pick apples, “twist and pull” Koma informed me. Mom was happy to chaperone this one!