One mile run

Mom and Unni completed the fun run on a sunny morning. We joined up with a lot of schools and were impressed with the turnout.

20170506_093307 20170506_100317 20170506_094112

Eye test

Koma turned into an ophthalmologist one morning and gave her doll a new eye test. She needed cotton balls and “Q-picks” to perform this exam.

20170504_101338 20170504_101344

Ocean week

Preschool subjects revolved around oceans, rivers, lakes and streams couple weeks ago. The children made some neat crafts and learned all about water and sea creatures. The week ended with a beach day, and each child wore beach attire and brought in a beach towel.

20170501_151430 20170501_151544


Popsicle stand

Our budding entrepreneurs fleeced Dad of some big bucks with their “fun and joyful popsicle stand” only 3 dollars a cookie.

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Pottery painting

Our girls’ new obsession with pottery painting led to another visit to this fun store. Koma looked very pleased with her work while she was waiting for it to dry between paint coats. We spent an hour there but could’ve stayed all day!

20170428_101440 20170428_101454 20170428_101509 20170428_102720

Bike rodeo

Unni’s school sponsored a bike rodeo one evening. The kids lined up for five different stations with various events, as well as answering safety questions by the volunteers. The PTO offered tacos as well as smoothies via a smoothie bike. Helmet fittings and professional bike tune-ups also were available.

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