Day off

Given a few choices of how to spend a day off, the girls chose to ice skate. It was great practice and work out for all of us!

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Thanksgiving is surely the best holiday since it causes us to pause, reflect and again whisper gratitude for all we have. This year we spent many hours on the road but time with family and friends is never wasted. We will cherish those memories. The girls loved every precious minute playing with their cousins at various points and places, and hanging out with grandparents.

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Road trip

We looked forward to heading out of town and welcomed the much-needed change of scenery. Thankfully, the girls travelled well to and fro (yes, silly putty to the rescue!). The occasional stop at a fast-food restaurant play area certainly helped the situation.

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Say “ahhh”

As usual, the girls followed the dental hygienist back without Mom. But this time, they shared a cleaning chair Mom learned later when she popped in for the consultation part with the dentist. Girls found the movie playing overhead to be quite fascinating.


Gluten-Free Kid

After a night of awakening hourly due to itchy skin and then two nights of benadryl to even consider sleeping, we decided to take drastic measures and actually try to follow a gluten-free diet for Koma.  She was so miserable, she readily agreed to the plan and amazingly has stuck with it quite well. Instinctively she knows what she should not have, and happily takes her own snacks to preschool.  Koma loved finding new snacks at Trader Joe’s (looking for “GF” on all the packages) and we love that the gluten free food now tastes fairly decent. It’s highly doubtful she’d actually be diagnosed with celiac sprue with any lab test, but clinically her itchy dry skin has improved immensely which is the only thing that matters.